4 Healthy Habits Baby Boomers Should Invest In

While 3 out of 4 baby boomers already believe in the idea of investing more time towards better health management, taking action is still a challenge.

Where the primary focus should be on the quality of prevention and care, November is the time when majority of the baby boomers usually approach their health care facilities and denote better health to higher costs.


According to a recent survey by MDVIP 94 percent of the baby boomers do believe that prevention is better than cure, so here we have compiled a list of four habits that will help you in pacing up your prevention mode.

Start off with the Basics

These are the one’s we have all been listening to for ages i.e. more physical activity, 8 hours sleep and healthy food choices. Now is the time for action, since it’s never too late.

Be aware of your Family history, and Risk factors

Keep a record of your latest medical diagnosis, health and prevention recommendations as well as your medical history and risk factors. Make sure to inform your primary Physician of these, in order to get a better health care and prevention diagnosis from them.

Go for Regular Check ups and Health screening

As the medical treatments and prevention mechanisms keep on updating, so you should also consult your doctor regularly for getting the up to date medical check ups and vaccinations. Seek their opinion on your unique health profile and what will best work for you in preventing any health issues that you might be at risk for.

Find a Trusted Primary Care Physician (PCP)

75 percent of the baby boomers are not confident in their PCPs or they don’t trust them enough. In order to avoid this it is better to shop for one that you can rely on. Ask them questions in order to assess them and know if they will be a good fit. A good PCP is anyone that knows all the ins and outs of your health issues and can give you the best advise in terms of improving and caring for your health.

Adopting the above the above practices in your daily routine will shift you towards a better health by many folds. All it takes is the mindset to achieve a better health and some time to put in. I am sure this isn’t a huge price for your health that is invaluable.