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Sublime Aging launched as a magazine on September 30th, 2015. But we recently retooled and are now an info site.

We found from our followers that they just prefer to read articles and connect online and in newsletters, so we have changed the magazine concept!  Our site is all about aging well, vibrantly and gracefully – mind body and soul!  Content is ideal for anyone 45+ and aimed at baby-boomers.

Sublime Aging® is from Kathy Heshelow, an author and founder of  Sublime Beauty Naturals®, who is herself a baby boomer.

“Our aim is to add interesting and helpful content for baby-boomers, pure and simple,” says Heshelow. “We will also add giveaways, gifts, offers of interest and things to help us all age well. We like products to keep the mind sharp! I am writing and publishing books to this end.”

Sublime-Skin.2“I’m a baby-boomer who spent 16 years in Paris (France) and an entrepreneur with a wellness company, related products and various books,” says Heshelow.

“I hope you will enjoy the site – and join our FACEBOOK site, too!  We will try to add value for you!”

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