Keep Your MIND Sharp & Engaged!

Part of the trick of staying healthy and aging well is keeping the mind sharp!

There are many ways to do this.  A study of 19,000 people, published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, showed that those who did daily puzzles had brain function equivalent to those 10 years younger. For short-term memory tests, puzzle takers had brain equivalent to those 8 years younger.

Much like keeping your body active to age well, solving games and puzzles keeps the brain active. Working out your brain keep you sharp, Things you’re already doing every day may count as brain games, like Sudoku, word scrambles, crossword puzzles and word searches are popular and do the trick!

Learning another language, and learning new skills are also very helpful to brain activity and youthfulness.  Creativity exercises that can help alleviate stress can also be great for the brain AND spirit – this includes coloring books, painting, ceramics and the like.

I have created – and will continue to create – books that help with this very thing! Sudoku puzzles, Mazes and Adult Coloring Books were published first!   Word Scrambles, Puzzle books and more will follow. All is available on Amazon and authored / published by me!
See this page on our site for Sudoku puzzle books!

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