Relax and Engage with Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books are fun!  But they are helpful to your wellness, too!

Coloring, doodling, creative art activities and drawing all showed significant bloodflow in the section of the brain related to feeling rewarded and happy, according to ScienceDaily (June 2017, Drexel University study).

Part of aging well means being engaged, and keeping the brain sharp and resilient.

The prefrontal cortex is related to regulating our thoughts, feelings and actions. It is also related to emotional and motivational systems and part of the wiring for our brain’s reward circuit, says the ScienceDaily paper. So seeing increased bloodflow in these areas is positive for wellness.

In addition, stress can really wear on health. Many of us are stressed these days.  Focusing on a creative outlet helps reduce stress and brings focus to your mind. And certainly interacting with beautiful colors and choices is soothing to the spirit, too.

“I can attest to this,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Aging.  The newly published Animal Mandala coloring book arrived and here is the first page I colored. It was fun and so relaxing! I forgot about everything else for awhile, and felt happy with the result. Can’t wait to do more!”














Several of our other new coloring books are now available.

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