Healthy Mind Body & Spirit!

Welcome to Sublime Aging!

A healthy and balanced life that focuses on Mind, Body and Spirit is what we are all about. We offer content on these subjects and some products to help.

MIND –  keep it engaged with new activities, puzzles and mind games, and hobbies. Feeding your mind with positive thoughts, interesting stories, new skills are all what keeps your mind young.

BODY – keep it well with exercise and good foods. Stretching, yoga, walking, swimming, biking, sports and general exercise will go a long way to making you feel good. Dancing, exploring new places, spending some time in nature is great for the body.  Deep breathing and lots of water help, too!

Strengthening bones and muscles is important as we age. Guard against breaks, stay lithe.

Nurture your body with good fresh foods, and a certain amount of good fats and proteins to stay nourished and optimal.  Keeping your weight at a healthy normal will benefit you – overweight or underweight are not an ally to your health.

Moisturizing skin care, ceramides to help guard against broken skin, and skin brushing for good circulation and skin health are just some of the techniques we will explore in posts.

SPIRIT – good music, relaxing time, friends and family (even if on Zoom these days), watching movies that uplift or are comforting, and so much more will help balance life and age well.  People with a positive attitude have a healthier life than those with a negative outlook.